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The fish don’t care of it is raining

I had the best day of trout fishing I have ever had in Tennessee and maybe ever for that matter. Randy was back in town for a few days so we decided to go down to the Caney Fork again on Thursday. He showed me a place I haven’t yet fished down there called Congo bottom, but when we got there the water was still up a little too high to fish that spot, so we went on up to Betty’s Island.

I started with the same set up that I had on Tuesday which was the double fly with a gnat on top and scud on bottom. I got a few hits on this, but Randy was doing much better with a small green streamer. I didn’t have any of those in my fly box, but that is the benefit of going with Randy, he is always happy to share a fly or two.

 Now it was raining, so unfortunately I don’t have photo documentation of all the fish we caught, and this may sound like one of those fish stories, but I caught 21 trout and Randy caught 31 for a total of 52 in one afternoon. We caught a mixture of brown, rainbow and brook trout.  We never really even had to move more that 100 yards from where we started. The rain certainly didn’t stop the fish from biting.

Since I wasn’t able to get photos on the river, I decided to take some of my equipment. Here is the 4 weight reel that I use most the time.

This was a wonderful day fishing!

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Caney Fork…again

I went back down to the Caney Fork River yesterday to check out a couple more of the public access areas inRegion 2. They released 1 generator from that dam from 3am to 5 am, so I expected the water at the I-40 rest area to be down when I got there around 8:30. There was a storm going through, so I decided to go get some gas for my car while it passed.

From my experience last Saturday and some research I had done after that I decided that I needed to try fishing with some midges. I also wanted to try a method that I was originally turned onto by my buddy Randy, which is fishing with a multi-fly rig. It worked pretty well, but I did have some issues with backlash. I ended up catching 2 on the dry-fly and 1 on the midge.

After I got done there, I decided to try the Gordonsville access point. It turned out not to be a very good spot for fly fishing, or really shore fishing for that matter. It is pretty much a boat access. I did talk to a couple other fisherman there though. They hadn’t had much luck.

Well tomorrow I will go again if the weather cooperates. Randy is back.

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Caney Fork fishing


I am headed up the Caney Fork river right now in a little canoe with a trolling motor. Out here with Randy getting this morning started with some fly fishing.

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