Caney fork river

Yesterday I went fishing on the Caney Fork River and had the chance to explore for myself some of the area, since I didn’t have a guide to take me to the hot spots. It was a little slow going at first, but I got to check out some back roads.

Now I have to look back at what I did to see what I can do differently next time.

Here is a post from fly fishing Tennessee that has some useful information about fly fishing the Caney Fork and other places in TN.

I started at the day fishing at Happy Hollow access point after I got finished driving around on the dirt roads that led me to places it looked like I should have permission to be there. I spoke with another fly-fisherman from Nashville who had spoken with some other folks and said that I should stay toward the shore if I went upstream and pretty much the same down stream. I went down stream a ways before I decided the water was deeper than what  I wanted to wade in. There were very few fish surfacing at this point so I used some streamers to see if that would work. They didn’t. I think I am going to have to visit a fly shop and get some midges. After I had fished upstream a while, I decided this place was too crowded and I wanted to go check another spot.

I headed downstream to Betty’s Island access point. I first started heading downstream and once again found the water deeper than I wanted to wade. So I worked my way upstream still using the streamers. A couple TWRA officers stopped by to check my license and then I continued upstream. I started seeing some fish in the water, but I’m pretty sure because of the way they were schooling, they were shad. I had seen a few fish surfacing at this point so I decided to change to a dry fly and see what that would get me. I tried that for a while and then I decided I had about enough not catching fish so I headed downstream to work my way out. When I started getting close to the put in point, I noticed a couple other fly fisherman were having a little luck. So I observed them and noticed a lot more fish surfacing. I started to have a little luck at this point. I was able to catch about 4 or 5 little brown trout.

So, now I know the Caney Fork River is in Region 2 and Region 3 of the TWRA Boating and Fishing Access Sites. I have 3 other access sites to try next time I go. It is very important to know the generation schedule. You can get an app for your ios or android device to help with this. The nail knot is a good one for connecting tippet to leader. The blood knot is another good one for this.

Well, now I am ready to go to a fly shop and get back out there.

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Fly fishing Tennessee

I have been a fly fisherman off and on since I was probably in middle school fishing for bass at the pond below my parents house with a cheap old fly rod and helgramite flies. I woke up this morning with the fishing bug and realized that since I have been in Tennessee, I haven’t actually done the research to figure out how to fish the Elk River and the Caney Fork River because my buddy Randy has always done the legwork for me. Randy however is out of town and I think that I want to go fishing.

The Tennessee Valley Authority, or TVA, is responsible for releasing water on these two rivers. The Great Falls Reservoir is on the Caney Fork River and you have to understand the release schedule of the dam in order to be able to fish below the dam. However, according to Southeastern Outdoors, the area below the Center Hill dam is the portion that is stocked with brown and rainbow trout by the TWRA each year. Well, I think I have learned and remember enough now to go get out on the water to see the mist rising off the cool water on what promises to be another very hot day, so wish me luck.

Here are the directions to Center Hill dam:

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It’s what I do

I have been messing around with my blog again. I haven’t done it in a while, but I have reflected on some of the things I have done in the past and decided I’d like to compile some of them in one place. I decided to start with my backpacking, I know there is more than what I have compiled, but these were the easy ones because the photos were easy to find. I will continue to look back and update as I find new things.

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So I am trying to think of something important enough to say so I can test whether my inquiry to facebook regarding the delay in post time from blog to note was worth it.
School is coming to an end. I am pretty excited about summer. It is not going to be all fun and games, but there should be some.
I will be in school for an intensive of nine credits for the month of June. Half of my days will be spent in the classroom and the other half at the Brown Center for Autism. This could be very exciting.
I am also pretty stoked about the high adventure trip to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota that my scout troop will be doing in July.

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Chillin’ at the dog park


We decided to come romp at the dog park again. It tends to be more rlaxing than walking around on the leash and the kids get to make some friends. We also drove through Shelby Park for the first time since the flood. The golf course is open.
I have also been messing around with some settings in facebook so I am interested to see if this automatically posts in notes.
It has been some time since I have posted on this blog. I guess I haven’t been feeling like sharing much. We’ll see if that changes. I have been focusing my energies in other places, specifically work and baseball. We have been doing some pretty cool things, but wp has not been my outlet. I think I have been putting a lot of photos from recent trips and what not to picasa.
Part of this is figuring out all of the things I can do with this phone.
Any way, I just felt saying all that.

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Caulking baseboards

I was wondering about caulking baseboards because we have some gaps between the old baseboards and the wall, so we were thinking that putting caulk in there would make it look better.  Turns out we were thinking right.  Here is a video that does a good job of showing how to apply and “tool”  the caulk.

I also wondering about caulking crown molding as well, which seems to be an ok thing to do according to the sites I have viewed.  This video gives a couple extra tips, such as filling in nail holes, and using windex when applying caulk.

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This is a pretty cool resource for keeping up in the wordpress world.  Way to go WordPress

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Free Ringtones… For real!

I have never really been the guy that has custom ringtones for people, but this just makes it too easy.  PhoneZoo is a site that is structured a bit like a social network, but you can take ringtones uploaded by other users and send them directly to your phone.

Like I said, it is set up a bit like a social network, in that you can set a status and have friends and what not, but I haven’t seen a reason to utilize these functions as I have enough social networks.  However, I am really liking the free ringtones.  You can also make custom ringtones from your voice or sound files on your computer.

Create free ringtones at Phonezoo

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Another Favorite Firefox extension

Today I will highlight a couple of FF extensions that work well with Gmail.

So the first one is the Remember the Milk add-on for Firefox.  This one excites me because it works well with Gmail, which is something that I frequently use.  Remember the Milk is a handy todo list manager that has a lot of different ways to access it, and share with friends, family or co-workers.

Remember the milk

Remember the milk

The next one is called WiseStamp, which is a signature creator that can actually be used with a variety of email clients including aol, gmail, hotmail, and yahoo.



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Tickled with Fuelfrog

how cool is this.

how cool is this.

Ok, so maybe this won’t make everyone as happy as it has me, but I think this is one of the coolest ways to incorporate technology into daily life.  Fuelfrog is a site that will keep track of your fuel mileage for you.  Sure there are probably other ones out there that do the same, and there may even be better ones, I really didn’t do that much research about it after I found Fuelfrog, if there is I would love to hear from you.

BUT, you can upload your MPG (miles, price per gallon, gallons) via twitter and it will automatically track your mileage.  So why you are sitting there waiting on the gas to pump, you can send a text to twitter and keep track of your mileage.  Yeah, yeah, you should check your oil and make sure your tire pressure is good, but seriously who does that.  Well, I do, but I never see anyone else doing it.

update fuelfrog via twitter

update fuelfrog via twitter

So, I think this is pretty cool, How about you?

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