Hanging succulent garden

I created a hanging succulent garden from an old picture frame that I bought from craigslist.image

I included a variety of succulents.


Emerald Express.














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Foxglove and clematis

The clematis I planted on the trellis earlier this year is doing well. It is getting quite a few blooms and starting to cover the trellis completely. I finally got a copy of Month-By-Month Gardening in Tennessee and Kentucky by Judy Lowe to help me make sure that I am giving the plants what they need in a timely manner. The Georgia version was a book a pretty much lived by when I was in Georgia, extremely helpful. This morning I learned that clematis likes very acidic soil and the roots like shade but the leaves like sun. I think I will have to get some mulch for the pots to help with this. I will probably get some pine straw or pine mulch since they like the acidity. The roses could use some of that too.

The foxglove is getting a second wind. The first wind had them growing very tall and spindly so I pruned the top of the blooms off so they could put their efforts into growing lower. It has taken a lot of watering this year since we have had quite a heat spell, but they are seeming to acclimate. This is the first time I have grown either foxglove or clematis.

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5th anniversary

Missie and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary this weekend. Last week I refinished the arbor that we said our vows under. Then I got a couple pots of clematis to trellis it on.

Missie and I were married under this!

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School gardens

These are the gardens I’ve been working on it my school this year.

We’ve had many people help with then and they come a long way.

The spiral bed includes a butterfly bush at the center which was transplanted from my house.

With the help of some local pastors we have built 7 raised beds.

Rhubarb is one of the many plants that we have in the garden. The spiral bed is designated to have perennial plants such as strawberrries, rhubarb, and rosemary. We will hopefully get some asparagus and others in there in the future.

We cooked up some of the swiss chard for the students who were working in the garden one day.

Lettuce, spinach and swiss chard have done amazingly.

Composting is being set up to instill the value of using everything you got to the students.


Cucumbers, lettuce, and carrots are among other plants which are part of the garden. This has been an awesome experience and I look forward to getting the fruits of my labor.

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Passion flower and aquarium


Here’s a closer view of the passion-flower and aquarium with the fake lizards.


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Edwin Warner Hike flowers

Edwin Warner Hike flowers

Not sure what this one is, let me know if you do.

Originally uploaded by reuben257

Edwin Warner Hike flowers

Mayapple and trillium patch on the Natchez Trace Trail.

Originally uploaded by reuben257

Edwin Warner Hike flowers

Originally uploaded by reuben257

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