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Hover Zoom

Hover Zoom is an extension for google chrome that I have recently taken a liking to. I am also using a new web browser called RockMelt which is apparently built on the chrome framework because all of the extensions work on it as well.


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Firefox Extension – Open IT Online

I have recently started using box.net for file storage and collaboration and found that this Open IT Online extension for firefox is pretty useful for getting documents from emails or google docs to my box.

box.net blog article on open IT online

box.net blog article on open IT online

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Free Ringtones… For real!

I have never really been the guy that has custom ringtones for people, but this just makes it too easy.  PhoneZoo is a site that is structured a bit like a social network, but you can take ringtones uploaded by other users and send them directly to your phone.

Like I said, it is set up a bit like a social network, in that you can set a status and have friends and what not, but I haven’t seen a reason to utilize these functions as I have enough social networks.  However, I am really liking the free ringtones.  You can also make custom ringtones from your voice or sound files on your computer.

Create free ringtones at Phonezoo

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Another Favorite Firefox extension

Today I will highlight a couple of FF extensions that work well with Gmail.

So the first one is the Remember the Milk add-on for Firefox.  This one excites me because it works well with Gmail, which is something that I frequently use.  Remember the Milk is a handy todo list manager that has a lot of different ways to access it, and share with friends, family or co-workers.

Remember the milk

Remember the milk

The next one is called WiseStamp, which is a signature creator that can actually be used with a variety of email clients including aol, gmail, hotmail, and yahoo.



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Tickled with Fuelfrog

how cool is this.

how cool is this.

Ok, so maybe this won’t make everyone as happy as it has me, but I think this is one of the coolest ways to incorporate technology into daily life.  Fuelfrog is a site that will keep track of your fuel mileage for you.  Sure there are probably other ones out there that do the same, and there may even be better ones, I really didn’t do that much research about it after I found Fuelfrog, if there is I would love to hear from you.

BUT, you can upload your MPG (miles, price per gallon, gallons) via twitter and it will automatically track your mileage.  So why you are sitting there waiting on the gas to pump, you can send a text to twitter and keep track of your mileage.  Yeah, yeah, you should check your oil and make sure your tire pressure is good, but seriously who does that.  Well, I do, but I never see anyone else doing it.

update fuelfrog via twitter

update fuelfrog via twitter

So, I think this is pretty cool, How about you?

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So, I don’t have a whole lot of readers, but I thought I would help my wife out a little bit and ask the people I do have coming here to take a look at her school’s online newspaper The Stratford Sentinel.  This is one of the many projects she has taken on in her new role as English teacher at Stratford Comprehensive High in East Nashville.  They have been nominated for , so please support her and go check it out and vote if you have the time.

There is a link to Missie’s teacher blog, Stugart Sense, under family in the blogroll in the sidebar, feel free to check that out too.

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Gmail Security Flaw

Makeuseof.com is a site that I read regularly for helpful tips on useful sites.  My sentements about google are nearly all positive and aggree with this post: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/breaking-gmail-security-flaw-more-domains-get-stollen/ from makeuseof.

If you can do anything to help with this problem, please do.

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So I was talking with my friend last night and realized that most people don’t spend as much time on the internet as I like to do.  Anyway, he is a big tech guy and can do things with the computer that I can’t fathom but he doesn’t get to find some of the cool sites, that I get excited about.   Hulu.com is one of these sites, for minimal advertising viewing, you can watch many TV shows and movies.  You can even subscribe to the shows you like and get an RSS feed to your favorite feed reader.

I love getting up to the minute House episodes and John Stewart’s Daily show…woot!

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