Fly fishing Tennessee

I have been a fly fisherman off and on since I was probably in middle school fishing for bass at the pond below my parents house with a cheap old fly rod and helgramite flies. I woke up this morning with the fishing bug and realized that since I have been in Tennessee, I haven’t actually done the research to figure out how to fish the Elk River and the Caney Fork River because my buddy Randy has always done the legwork for me. Randy however is out of town and I think that I want to go fishing.

The Tennessee Valley Authority, or TVA, is responsible for releasing water on these two rivers. The Great Falls Reservoir is on the Caney Fork River and you have to understand the release schedule of the dam in order to be able to fish below the dam. However, according to Southeastern Outdoors, the area below the Center Hill dam is the portion that is stocked with brown and rainbow trout by the TWRA each year. Well, I think I have learned and remember enough now to go get out on the water to see the mist rising off the cool water on what promises to be another very hot day, so wish me luck.

Here are the directions to Center Hill dam:

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Mountain Coaster!

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The ascent of Alex Honnold

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Cool AT beard time lapse

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Android Honeycomb demonstration

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fishing bloopers

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Hover Zoom

Hover Zoom is an extension for google chrome that I have recently taken a liking to. I am also using a new web browser called RockMelt which is apparently built on the chrome framework because all of the extensions work on it as well.


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Dog Parkour

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My first attempt at Ruby


So I decided that I want to take my contacts from Verizon Backup assistant and merge them with my contacts in gmail. Of course there is not an easy way to do this. So, I have been researching and found this article on How to Export contacts from Verizon to Gmail. The author graciously included the ruby code to execute this process, however I have no experience with Ruby so I have to figure that out.

Now this led me to the conclusion that I have to download Ruby onto my computer which is made easy by using the one click installer.

Alright, so after stumbling through how to use a little ruby code I have successfully exported my verizon contacts to gmail.

I am sure this will bore a lot of people, but it may help someone and the process of writing this blog has definitely helped me.

Here are a couple other links that aided in my success:

how to run ruby script

running ruby scripts

run ruby

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Firefox Extension – Open IT Online

I have recently started using for file storage and collaboration and found that this Open IT Online extension for firefox is pretty useful for getting documents from emails or google docs to my box. blog article on open IT online blog article on open IT online

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