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This is an old stone wall near the cache GC1KNMH I found today with Violet.

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Dragon, I’ll show you dragon.

Dragon I’ll show yo dragon.

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Another picture of the dragon at Dees Park in Nashville.

I had heard about this dragon for a while now, but this was the first I had gotten an upclose view of it.  It is pretty neat.  There is supposed to be a geocache here (GC1A5G3), but we were unable to find it.  There is another one in the area called “WHO’S” your “BUDDY”? (GCMEVG) that is an interesting kind of cache that encourages communication between cachers that don’t know each other.

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Dragon Park

Dragon Park

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Missie, Viloet, and I came downtown today to continue our training for the half. We ran 4 miles

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OK, so I have been MIA for a while due to my lack of desire to use dial up Internet, but here is an update.
I have recently had my interest piqued in geocaching again and have found a couple caches in the past couple days.  Check out the link to my profile in the sidebar if you are a fellow cacher.  If you are not, I suggest you do if you have a GPS as it is a great thing to do, when you are doing something else like waiting for a wedding reception to start, or taking your dog for a walk.
Anyway, I have also gotten a few things fixed on my truck.  I have been meaning to hook up a trailer brake controller, so I can deliver railroad ties for my dad if I need to while he is out west hunting and I got that done.  I was having some electrical problems which I attributed to the moisture getting in through the sunroof, so I took the sunroof out and resiliconed all of the seals.  I hope this worked, because it was an awful lot of work.

I have been playing softball on Sundays and today we won both of our games.  The playoffs are next weekend, so we will see how we do.

WEll there is the update.  I will try to get back to writing here some more.

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Edwin Warner Park

Yesterday Missie and I took Violet for a walk out to Edwin Warner Park. We hiked the Harpeth Woods Trail and found a geocache entitled bats (GCN4VR).

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Benton MacKaye Trail

I will be taking my group of campers backpacking on the Benton MacKaye Trail starting on Sunday we will be driving up to Springer Mtn, hiking the first three sections of the Benton MacKaye (Springer Mtn to Skeenah Gap) This is about 24 miles of trail which should be a challenge but attainable.
I have gotten a couple of geocaches in the area, but I am not sure if we will have time to look for them or not.

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Providence Canyon

We took my group down to Providence Canyon State Park last Monday and = had to take a picture with the GPS and the canyon for an earth cache.

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