Passion flower and aquarium


Here’s a closer view of the passion-flower and aquarium with the fake lizards.


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I have been getting to use my truck a lot more lately. Lots of projects and movin around. Unfotunately haven’t used the winch or KC’s. In due time I suppose.

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LOBO original

This is for you PJ!  I am sure that I have some better photos of the old gal somewhere, but these were the ones that were on my computer.

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I haven’t uploaded any photos in a while and thought it would be good to have some of my truck on here. It shows the progression a little bit here. I don’t really have a camera right now other than my phone, so my photo taking is way down. I did make some inquiries today as to getting my “weather proof” water damaged digital camcorder fixed. That may be a little while as, I don’t have means to pay for the fixing right now. Gotta get a job.

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Heading back to Tennessee

So I left yesterday morning from my parents house in PA to go back to TN so I can see my wife and get a new job.  On my way out of town, I stopped by K&W Transmission in Williamsport, PA to make sure my transmission was doing well, since I had had it rebuilt, and it was.
Travels were going pretty well, until I got to Cleveland where traffic slowed down quite a bit due to rush hour, rain, and accidents.  I finally got out of that and shortly after, I had the pleasure of a flat tire, which wasn’t any real big surprise as I have been wanting to get new tires for some time now.  But anyway, my jack wasn’t big enough and I didn’t have enough blocks to jack it up high enough, so I had so borrow some blocks from a trucker.  Then the spare rim is steel and the original is aluminum so the lug nuts didn’t really match.  They were good enough to get me to the next exit where I found a guy at Tegtmeyers’s Trailer sales who was doing inventory and was kind enough to give me the needed lug nuts, with the stipulation I had to do something nice for someone when I get the chance.

Great to see that in people.

So now I am getting the spare tire put on the aluminum rim and then I will be on my way.  Spent the night at the Red Roof Inn in Mason, OH.

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OK, so I have been MIA for a while due to my lack of desire to use dial up Internet, but here is an update.
I have recently had my interest piqued in geocaching again and have found a couple caches in the past couple days.  Check out the link to my profile in the sidebar if you are a fellow cacher.  If you are not, I suggest you do if you have a GPS as it is a great thing to do, when you are doing something else like waiting for a wedding reception to start, or taking your dog for a walk.
Anyway, I have also gotten a few things fixed on my truck.  I have been meaning to hook up a trailer brake controller, so I can deliver railroad ties for my dad if I need to while he is out west hunting and I got that done.  I was having some electrical problems which I attributed to the moisture getting in through the sunroof, so I took the sunroof out and resiliconed all of the seals.  I hope this worked, because it was an awful lot of work.

I have been playing softball on Sundays and today we won both of our games.  The playoffs are next weekend, so we will see how we do.

WEll there is the update.  I will try to get back to writing here some more.

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Woo hoo

I have finally found a high speed internet connection here in Williamsport.  I am at my friend Tinney’s  house and am able to do some of the things I have been wanting to do on here.  Plus there is another hope for high speed out at my parents house.  I was told that Chilitech may be available out there, so I put out a phone call, but didn’t get around to it until after 5 on Friday, so I have to wait on a call back hopefully on Monday.

I will also be taking my truck to get the transmission fixed on Monday to K& W transmission.  A buddy of mine from High School’s dad owns this and seems like he is going to take good care of me.

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Made it to Pennsylvania

I made it here today after some problems with the truck, which will make Missie happy. She really has a dislike for my truck because of the poor fuel mileage and many problems it has. Also that it takes up so much of my time.
So, I left Nashville yesterday morning at 8:00 and drove until about 7:00 which is when it began to overheat. This happened at the Tom’s brook exit of I-81 which was only a half hour away from my cousins house. I made it my cousin’s house after I had let the truck cool off while I ate. The next morning when I got up to start the truck, it wouldn’t, which sucked. I finally got it jumped by having AAA come out and then went to Autozone, which was what I had planned to do in the morning anyway to get a new thermostat. Well, I got the thermostat, had the alternator tested, which failed, so I put on a new alternator and belts. This took me until about 2:00.
Anyway, I drove to PA with no more problems really, until I got here. I got here to my parents house and put the truck in reverse to back into the driveway and it wouldn’t go.
After we went up the hill and turned around, it got parked in the yard and hasn’t move since.

Now fortunately, this couldn’t have happened at a better place. We know some people who will be able to fix it.

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New shocks

Alright, so I got some new Rancho 9000XL shocks with in cab air control to adjust depending on driving terrain and I am pretty excited about it.   Anyway, I went up to Temple last week to install the shocks on my 77 F150 aka LOBO and found out that it is hard, but simple work and pretty time consuming.

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