20 mile hike at Sewanee

In November, Troop 3 took a hiking trip to Sewanee, TN.

This was a very fun day hike but also turned out to be one of the most brutal. We started around 9:00 and stayed in a group until about mile one, where we split up.

We walked on while observing some very pretty views, acorn throwing, and the Sewanee wilderness. At around mile 6.5 we sat down for lunch and filled up water bottles. Despite some problems with knowledge of how to use the steripen, lunch was pretty good.

We then continued the backbreaking hike over the hills of Sewanee and a few paved areas. Around the 15 mile mark we hit a paved trail that was relatively flat and continued our trek as the sun ducked behind the trees.

It became complete darkness when we finally reached the cross on the hill but it made a great place to stop and rest.

From that point on our spirits were lifted and we continued hiking the last 1 mile on pavement. By the end of the hike our feet and legs were aching for relief so we got in the cars and went to Hardy’s for some dinner without shoes. Overall this was a fun trip although I probably would not do this again for a while.

credit to scout Collin for writing this post.

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Edwin Warner Hike flowers

Edwin Warner Hike flowers

Not sure what this one is, let me know if you do.

Originally uploaded by reuben257

Edwin Warner Hike flowers

Mayapple and trillium patch on the Natchez Trace Trail.

Originally uploaded by reuben257

Edwin Warner Hike flowers

Originally uploaded by reuben257

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To the woods I go.

To the woods I go.

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Gear review

I have been subscribed to do some backpack gear testing for http://www.backpackgeartest.org/ for sometime now and finally have completed the first draft of my owner review of the SteriPen adventurer.  I will include a link to the review on here once I have had the chance to edit it with the help of my mentor Andre.

If you are looking for a gear review I suggest that you checkout this site to get some opinions.  I am hoping that Missie and I will be able to be frequently doing gear reviews and posting at www.reubenandmissie.com  as a way to keep us active in backpacking between our big hikes.

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Edwin Warner Park

Yesterday Missie and I took Violet for a walk out to Edwin Warner Park. We hiked the Harpeth Woods Trail and found a geocache entitled bats (GCN4VR).

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Wedding Photos by Shae

I ran into our friend Shae today and took Violet and Grady down to Mcintosh Reserve for a little walk.  Here are the photos Shae took at our wedding.

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BMT photos

Here are some on the photos I got from my co-worker.  Thanks Clisby.

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Benton MacKaye Trail

I just got back from the Benton MacKaye Trail in North Georgia with the boys and it was pretty good.

A fellow counselor of mine took a bunch of photos and I am getting him to send them to me, so I will post them when I get a chance.
We hiked the planned twenty four miles in a reasonable amount of time. The third day was the toughest even though we only hiked about seven miles. There were some steep ascents the were tough for a couple of the boys.
Today we summited Springer Mountain as it is the beginning of the Benton MacKaye and there was a 1.8 mile section there that we had missed on the first day. We slack packed to the summit and that missed section. At the summit, I informed the boys that I was leaving and only one of them gave the fist pump and “yesss”.
Well, I will update later.

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Benton MacKaye Trail

I will be taking my group of campers backpacking on the Benton MacKaye Trail starting on Sunday we will be driving up to Springer Mtn, hiking the first three sections of the Benton MacKaye (Springer Mtn to Skeenah Gap) This is about 24 miles of trail which should be a challenge but attainable.
I have gotten a couple of geocaches in the area, but I am not sure if we will have time to look for them or not.

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