Appalachian Trail

Cool AT beard time lapse

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snake eating salamander

We were in Vermont near the Long Trail when we saw this snake eating this salamander, how cool!

snake and salamander

snake eating salamander

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Got this photo from Farsang

Thanks to Farsang for sending us this photo.  It was a year ago yesterday that we stayed in this shelter with him.  Good times.

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Ok, so I am trying out scribefire and I don’t really have anything new to say so I am remembering this photo setup. When we were hiking through New Jersey I think, there was an incredible number of these newts that would just be right in the middle of the trail. Of course this photo is a setup, there wasn’t actually a meeting of the newts in the middle of the trail, but you could imagine what it would be like if there was. Also, they didn’t like to pose much, because the one was supposed to be on top of the mushroom. We had a lot to hike that day and Missie thought I was being silly, so we couldn’t get the final shot.

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AT flora

Here is a collection of photos of some of the plants we encountered while hiking the AT. Let us know what you think.

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Here are some of the photos of Violet. This is the first time I have tried to put a slide show directly in the blog, let me know how it is working.

Well, It looks to me like the slideshow is working fine. It even seems to adjust for the changes I am making in the album on picasa. If you want to see the albums for a bit easier viewing, then click on the slide show here and it will take you to our public album on Picasa.

I know we are finished with the AT, but I think we will be reflecting on it a bit now that we have technology handy, so keep checking up on us. Besides, you never know what our next adventure may be.


Reuben aka Lunar

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Reflection on Trip

Here is the beautiful view from the summit of Springer.

view from Springer

Solar, Lunar, and Eclipse are now Appalachian Trail thru-hikers.

Springer Summit

Violet solemnly embraces the plaque.

violet on plaque

Fellow SOBO Brit started the same day and finished the same as well. He has some more hiking planned in New Zealand

Solar and Brit

It has been nice to be back at the Honey Hole and seeing some old friends. The community around here based around service, self-reliance, sustainable living, creative energy, gardening and self-improvement is remarkable.

We have completed one adventure and we have a bit of traveling to do to keep the adventure alive.

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Finishing up


Violet has had the chance to reunite with her old lost pal, Licorice back at the Honey Hole.


Solar shedding some light on the situation.

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Abby’s Place

Grayson HighlandsWe spent the evening last night here at Abby’s Place. Abby was a Doberman Pinscer that did a lot of long distance hiking with our hosts Scott and Ron. Ron slack packed Scott along many of the long distance trails in the US including the PCT, CDT, AT, IAT, Florida Scenic Trail and the long trail.
We will be in Erwin, TN in two and a half days, which is where we will be stopping to ressupply and stay at another hostel. It is possible through this section of TN to hostel hop if you wanted to.
Right now we are recieving some much needed rain, but it is making it very difficult to get up the gumption to go outside and hike. We were supposed to be ascending Hump Mtn today, but we’ve decided to cut our day short at 12 miles to allow us to go over this bald mountain in nice weather tomorrow.

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